About Us


When it comes to supporting black owned and operated businesses all throughout the United States of America, B.O.B.O.B.S. is the first place that you should look if you want to go down the correct path. B.O.B.O.B.S., a brand new, non-profit organization is rapidly growing into a first stop destination when it comes to connecting black owned and operated businesses with consumers all over the country.

B.O.B.O.B.S., also known as Black Owned, Black Operated Business Supports works day in and day out to provide and build upon the extremely vital connections between a consumer and a large base of black owned and black operated businesses that use their money to support their community and citizens.

B.O.B.O.B.S. has fought to connect consumers with businesses that provide quality service, quality products, and quality overall satisfaction. B.O.B.O.B.S. only works with businesses that put the customer first and are known use their business to better their community and education services.

Every customer, no matter where you live, is always looking for a business that will offer them a great product, great service, and affordable prices. And B.O.B.O.B.S. creator and President, David Crawford of Atlanta, Georgia, started this company in the hopes of making sure that consumers can easily find those great products, services, and prices within black owned and operated businesses.

In addition to providing the B.O.B.O.B.Store, an online shopping mall that gives consumers access to great deals and bargains, B.O.B.O.B.S. also offers B.O.B.O.B.Score, a Program that is dedicated to promoting black owned and operated businesses from conception, all the way through their successes. You also have B.O.B.O.B.Site, a Social Network Website where B.O.B.O.B.S. members can research information about a specific community, its people, and any local black owned and operated businesses.

For more information about those programs and many, many more programs and opportunities that B.O.B.O.B.S. can provide, feel free to join and peruse our B.O.B.O.B.S. website for all the information you need. If you have any additional information, feel free to contact us directly at Supporter@BOBOBS.com .